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Our language is powerful and majestic. Each word hits home – Elhe Taifin

Who are we

The Manchu Foundation exists to advance the knowledge on Manchu and the Manchus, both specialized as well as bringing it to the widest possible audience. We are interested in all periods within Manchu history, including the present situation. We want to support projects and individuals that promote or produce original research, publication, or education on Manchu and the Manchus. Our fields of interest include Manchu literature, art, material culture, and history. Our ultimate goal is to help creating for the Manchus a solid and lasting place within our global cultural heritage. Please consider supporting our work. Want to support specific projects? Want to get connected? Just let us know. Find our details at the bottom of the page.

Manchu language is like wings that our ancestors left us. Let us use them and fly into the present day sky! - W.Sure

Projects - Study Environment places Manchu texts and objects around the world online & at your fingertips. The ultimate goal at is to provide you with curated tools to satisfy all your Manchu study and research needs. Read and study facsimiles, use the annotations or add new ones. Search texts, analyze, compare and export. Our role is to help get the best content possible.

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Debtelin - Literary magazine

DEBTELIN (Manchu for 'booklets') is an magazine for Manchu in translation. The magazine aims to collect the best Manchu reads, translated by students, and ready to reach a wide audience. Debtelin 2 explores the literature, art, culture and poetry of Manchu Archery, supervised by Peter Dekker. Our role is to raise funds to keep on making Debtelins.

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Buleku - Lexicopedia

BULEKU is part of the family. It wants to become the online source for all your lexical and encyclopedic queries within the field of Manchu and Manchu studies. We work together with Leiden University, Georgetown University in Qatar, Helsinki University, as well as many volunteers. Want to help, then do not hesitate to get in touch

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Educational events

The Manchu Foundation organizes events that bring the Manchus closer to the crowd. The on- and offline exihibition at Museum Volkenkunde has been a good example of this. In this we collaborated with the Hulsewé Foundation, Special Collections of Leiden University, and Mario Cams. In 2018 we will focus on Manchu shamanism.


Fe Doro - Manchu Archery

Peter Dekker is the founding father of Fe Doro. It is an interactive and easy to access research website that gather knowledge on Manchu archery. To make full use of today's possibilities it is built with a highly social character in order to make it easy to like, share and discuss its various topics through Facebook, where much of his community resides.

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2016 Research support

With the support of the Manchu Foundation and LUF, Victor Molenaar was able to conduct undergraduate research on the Manchu banknote collection at the British Museum in London. Victor's thesis provides an analysis of Manchu Xianfeng banknotes (1853-1859). Aim was to investigate to what extent the current sources on this topic confirm its features.

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QingMaps (beta)

With our support, and that of the Hulsewé-Wazniewski Foundation and Macau University, Qing cartography will be able to take a big leap towards the crowd. In this context, lead researcher Mario Cams and the team behind have already reproduced the Kangxi map digitally on QingMaps, and in print for an 2017 exhibition at Museum Volkenkunde in Leiden.

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Educational materials

We encourage the production of educational material. Our most recent addition is a infographic showing the sequence of shooting an arrow from stance. Peter Dekker selceted old photographs and we had a designer put them together. Feel free to use the material in your work. We do however, would appreciate a small donation in return.

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Archery in an age of firearms: may I introduce you to the Manchus - Peter Dekker 


Nany Kusuma

Chairman of the board

Program Project Manager at ZDHC Foundation

"I am passionate about taking part in the rediscovery and preservation of the wonderful but nearly forgotten culture of the Manchus."

Ai Ling Kloprogge


Customer Relations Manager at Amsterdam Institute of Finance

"I am eager to promote one of the most unknown and undervalued civilizations to have ruled over one of the biggest empires in the world."

Pieter van den Broek


Classics teacher at Stedelijk Gymnasium Schiedam

"The oblivion of the Manchus could happen to any other culture in our world. That's why the Foundation's aims are of interest to all of us."


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There should be no excuse for not knowing the Manchus - Fresco Sam-Sin


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